BOBI Pretzels sesame 70g

BOBI Pretzels sesame 70g

Salty BOBI pretzels are very popular due to their exquisite flavour, crunchy structure and freshness. They have the same ingredients like BOBI sticks, but are shaped in a popular and familiar form of small pretzels. Their distinct crispness, fullness of flavour and top quality of the product is what makes BOBI pretzel the absolutely best pretzel.

From now on you can enjoy in the new taste of BOBI Pretzels with SESAME!

Nutrition information

Nutritional value per 100 g

Energy 1780 kJ / 426 kcal
Fat 8,9 g
- of which saturated 4,1 g
Carbohydrate 77,2 g
- of which sugars 1,2 g
Fiber 3,8 g
Protein 12,0 g
Salt 2,25 g